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Post by Wild on Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:29 pm

Hello boys/Girls/kids.

My name is Joseph, I am currently 18 and I work for himself in a gunstore which i own in USA (cheap price ^^ anyone in us xD : P). I have found this server randomly one day when i was playing battlefield back to when this server was still listed on bf server list and i really liked the teamspeak players making jokes and taking it easy so i decided to check forums and started being active. Soon after ( 2 years) the server started to change, New updates where made where you would need to download an RV application to play here and i was shocked to see so much improvement. Fell in love, Same year a trip was made i was among the one in it. Was amazing and i still get chills from those time.

After 3 trips here i am admin on this server i like and i achived all this thanks to the nice playerbase and my dear friend Cxdur <3

Thanks for your time reading it and if you need help you know where to find me

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