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Post by QuickXo on Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:36 pm


My name is Jensen, 19 year old living in united states more exactly in Denver, Here life is on as casual like everyday stuffs school,work and spend time with friends and with my little sister at night after it checking forums, As it is for now, I am not playing ingame due to the fact that i lack time but i still am active on forums through my laptop or android whenever i find time.About me being admin,It was back in years 2010, I was directly promoted as lead admin due to the nature of my character guessed so back then, I left in 2013 after serving 3 years as leading admin, In 2016 I managed to get back and obtain my rights again leading this server as a senior admin, Most players here say that i am over strict to people but that's just how i think players who hack or do pedophilic stuffs should be treated so if you don't like this part of me don't get to my wrong sides.

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